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    Can I Still Dowload Version 1?

    Hi folks,

    I had been using version 1 for a while and upgraded to version 2 several months ago. Unfortunately, the computer that has version 1 is now dying and I want to install my version one on another computer. Can I still download the install file?

    Unfortunately, I have found that version 2, while having a lot of cool features, just doesn't produce diagrams that look as good as version 1. There are issues with text placement in note heads with version 2 that makes them unusable, and just the overall appearance just looks aesthetically more pleasing. Changing the color of particular scale degrees is much easier in version 2 for sure, but the output is just not as good.

    Is there a way to get the version 1 installer that I purchased?


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    Hi there,

    ND1 isn't publicly available anymore, as it's end-of-life and not maintained/supported. If you can email us then can provide ND1 download links to existing customers.

    Re your ND2 issues, we've just released 2.1.1 which improves and fixes a LOT of things so I would download that first! Here's the release notes:

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