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    Match Width on Diagrams

    Would be nice if match width on diagrams, match the width of the diagrams only. If you have any note markers on the outer most strings and you try to match the width of that diagram with an empty one, the empty one becomes a larger diagram to match the total width of the other diagram with the note markers.

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    I can't reproduce this..

    This does kinda sound like you've got the "primary selection" the wrong way around. In ND2 the primary is the first item you selected - it has the black 'handles' around it. The other objects in the selection have white handles - these ones are then resized to the primary selection, the first selected object.

    If you used to use ND1 it was the other way around there (last selected was the primary) so maybe that's thrown you! We had lots of feedback (and agreed with!) that the primary should be the first selected item, as it's counter-intuitive to select it last..

    If you are indeed used to the old ND1 way then you can change this behaviour back, in Preferences > Selection Behaviour, by just changing the Primary Selection option to "Last Selected" instead of "First Selected".

    Hope that helps.. If not then it'd be REALLY useful if you could upload or email over an .fbd file that we can use to replicate the problem, as even just some tiny difference could mean it works for us but not you!
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