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    Question Moving a fretboard with a barre

    Hi All

    I created a chord sheet of nine barre chords and wanted to manually re-align everything before final printing. However, it seems that when a fretboard is moved the barre doesn't move with it. It just disappears into the background although it can still be seen on the 'outline' window. This is surely a bug unless someone knows how to do this.


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    Hi Roadsie,

    The only thing I can imagine going on here is that your barre isn't actually a real barre! If it's the 'barre connection' between note markers, or the new capo/barre then these will always get moved along with the fretboard.

    Did you maybe make a barre using the polyline tool, or a (rounded) rectangle shape perhaps?

    Can you upload the file - or email it to us (if you'd rather not have it publicly available!) - then we can take a look?!
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