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    Faster Scale Generation

    I dont know all the names for the scales I use. So I just go into the CUSTOM SCALE mode and select the intervals I want. Easy! But, most of the time it turns out there is already some prescribed name for the scale I want, and in these cases, ND2 forces me to go through the additional steps of 1) Unselect the CUSTOM MODE, 2) type the name of the scale that ND2 says I need in the search window, 3) select that scale from the options below. So my suggestion is that it would save time if ND2 would just go with the scale I initiated as a custom scale, and not force me through the extra steps. (I always feel like I am in 3rd grade and my teacher is trying to force me to learn names for things by punishing me with a rote activity to reinforce the name - which falls out of my memory about 10 seconds later - Oh yeah, wasnt that scale the hyper locrian mixodillian? Or was it the Aolian BeeBop Minor diminished??? I am never going to learn those names!) I would not mind if ND2 selects its own name for the scale as I can always edit it later. Alternatively, why not let the user name any scale whatever they want as a CUSTOM scale (even if it already exists)? So, instead of IONIAN I could have a "MAJOR" scale for example...

    btw... THANKS AGAIN FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT! I use ND2 every day!
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    Hi Karmar

    I'm not sure about giving users the ability to rename the scales in SG scales - I'd have to ask our tech team.

    What might be easier for them to implement, is displaying the full path to the existing scale that your custom formula matches. So instead of the message, 'The selected intervals match existing item 'Minor Blues'. Instead, it would read 'The selected intervals match the Minor Blues scale. It can be found under Hexatonics > Minor Blues'.

    That would save you having to sieve through the options.

    BTW, there's no need to uncheck the 'Use Custom Map' option when going back to choose an existing scale.

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