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    Color palette dialogue comes up with OK button off window

    I am using Wiindows 10. I have been playing a lot with the colors of different intervals and every time the color palette dialog comes up, the "OK" button is positioned off my computer screen:

    color pallate.jpg

    So, after choosing a color, we need to re position the window before clicking the OK button... Compared to, say, Global Warming or Nuclear Proliferation, this is a relatively small problem for mankind... However, if you could adjust that dialogue window in some future iteration of the program it would save us all a very tiny bit of humiliation in our daily lives


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    We had an email about this from another user also! Myself and the other devs have large hi-res screens (so can see as much code as possible, reducing the need to scroll lol) so we don't tend to run everything full screen, and so hadn't spotted this already..

    You'll be happy to hear though that a fix for this is currently in progress and will be included in the next update
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