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    Diagram pages defaulting to a light blue instead of white

    Hello Justin,

    On N2 and Mojave. Odd thing occurring - I changed the background of one page (cover) in a digram project to a dark blue. And then all the other pages in the diagram project turned a very light blue instead of the default white.

    I reset each pages background to white on the pages menu but they still appear light blue. It does not affect the export, as all the exports are as they should be - the pages are white.

    And it doesn't affect new diagrams. Just that particular diagram project. I've closed the program and reopened it, yet the appearance of the pages are still a light blue in that particular diagram - am I missing something?

    Thank you
    Jeff Powell

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    Hi Jeff,

    Just spotted this post from a while back, sorry about that!

    Do you have the latest 2.1.4 build installed at the moment - is the document still showing up with a blue tinge? If it is can you email it over (assuming you don't want to upload it publicly here!) to Support and we can take a look at it to figure out what's up there..?

    Best regards,
    Author of Neck Diagrams

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