In addition to the planned chord editor/library, below are a few FRs that would greatly improve my ND2 workflow.

  • Make the Select tool smarter. It is cumbersome to constantly switch between the Select tool and Marquee tool. It would be great if the Select tool would initiate a marquee selection if you start the drag outside any events. Or, drag with the right mouse button to invoke a marquee selection.
  • Configurable default size for open string notes. I typically want these to be smaller than regular notes.
  • Search function in the Gallery.
  • MRU list in the File menu.
  • Ability to delete line bendpoints.
  • Add a modifier key (SHIFT?) to draw straight lines.
  • Ability to change the z-order of notes and lines; I'd like to position lines under notes, but above the fretboard.
  • Polyshape tool with transparent color fill (I'd like to create irregular shapes that overlay notes on different strings and frets).

Keep up the great work!