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Thread: Misc. ND2 bugs

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    Misc. ND2 bugs

    Please let me know if you prefer a separate post for each issue. Here are a few issues I have run into during the first week of using ND2.

    • Labels are not properly centered inside notes. This was one of my major pet peeves that I hoped would be addressed in ND2.
    • Colors are not exported to PDF properly; for example, light gray fretboards export as white
    • Can't drag-copy events across pages. Related to this, the page doesn't auto scroll when you drag a selection to the edge of the editor.
    • Sometimes I can't draw a partial capo (even when single-clicking to draw a full capo works). This seems to happen when there are many fretboards on a page and you try to add a partial capo (for example, across strings 2-5) after the first 16-20 fretboards.
    • {m} doesn't work, you have to use {M}
    • The wood grain doesn't rotate when using horizontal fretboards. In order to look authentic, the grain should always run parallel to the fretboard/strings.
    • After converting multiple documents to a single multi-page document, the next time you open the Gallery all folders are collapsed.
    • Dragging lines is difficult and don't always drop where you expect. If you zoom in, then drag a line, a ghost line often appears far away from the mouse cursor.

    Loving ND2 in general so far. Looking forward to its evolution.

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    Hi MassGuitar!

    Glad to hear you're liking ND2!!

    Could you email us a/some .fbd files that demonstrate (1) & (2)? The faster we can replicate a possible bug then the sooner we can fix it!

    (3) Auto-scrolling - works for me! I suspect you're either not pausing the mouse in the right position (has be on the border of the editor area, not outside it - e.g. won't work if you veer into the 'status bar' at the bottom of the window), or not being patient enough - you need to hover the mouse for a second or two for the auto-scrolling to kick in.

    (4) Never seen this! Again, a .fbd where this happens for you would really help.

    (5) Yes, capital M indeed, that's a typo in the doc - lower-case m could be misconstrued as relating to 'minor' in some way, so capital M felt like a more natural association for major!

    (6) I knew there'd be folks who flag this up!! Yes we have that on our list, and hopefully a wider range of woods too..

    (7) collapsing gallery folders after merge - when you say 'next time you open..' do you mean when you switch back from the editor so within the same session, or is that after restarting the application?

    (8) aha I can see this happening - the 'feedback' is showing up in the wrong place - raising a ticket for that!
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    Hi Justin,

    I'll send in a couple of .fbd files that demonstrate #1 and #2.

    I'll try to reproduce #4 and send in a file, but I merged the original files that I was having problems with. I suspect this might have been user error. While drawing a partial capo, the blue highlight moves faster than the mouse cursor travels, which feels a little odd. I expected to click on the first note and drag down to the last note. However, by the time you drag over the last note, the blue capo highlight has apparently extended outside the fretboard, resulting in a no-op.

    Regarding #3, I now see that auto-scroll does indeed work. Thanks for pointing that out. Compared to many other apps I use, it feels like the hit zone is a little too small and the pause is to long before scrolling begins.

    For#7, I mean the next time I switch to the gallery from the editor within the same session.

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