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    Ted Greene style diagrams

    The existing vertical fretboards do a reasonable job at representing Ted Greene style chord symbols, as described here:

    A few additions would make ND a very useful tool for guitarists and teachers who use Ted's popular technique.

    1. A single fret number displayed next to a fret, usually at lowest fret but sometimes a higher displayed fret
    2. Additional symbols on frets besides closed and open dot: X, Δ, etc. (desirable but not essential)
    3. Lines between notes on different fretboards (desirable but not essential)
    4. Display just a number, not a circle, to represent a fretted note. (desirable but not essential)
    5. Some blank pages set up with Ted Green style grids, already formatted in this minimalist way.

    If you look through the example on the TG site you'll see the kind of things that are commonly done. For example:

    I know this is a departure from your normal approach, but this technique is widely used and I already use the current ND to create more-or-less versions of these.

    I haven't given a lot of detailed thought to what I'd like with ND to make this easy, but I thought I'd start by flagging it as a possible future direction. There are ZERO tools currently available that automate the creation of these diagrams, yet there are THOUSANDS of people who use them and create them by hand or using inconvenient tools.
    -- Trevor

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    Hi Trevor

    Most of these are coming in our next release which we'll be making an announcement about in the next few weeks.

    I'll have a look at the blank Ted Greene diagrams but I'm not sure how we could format blanks - the notes would need to be added I guess. I'll look into it though.

    We've only ever had a few users request Ted Greene style diagrams, to be honest, and it was a new discovery for us. But this style will definitely be easier to acheive in our next release. Watch this space!

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    FWIW, I also think Ted Greene diagrams would be quite nice to have in ND. Cheers!

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