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    Ability to Change to Landscape View in ND Windows

    I apologize if I've overlooked this feature, but I would really like to be able to choose landscape views on screen while working with the program and to print in landscape mode. For example, I'd like to place a large number of chord diagrams side by side across a legal sized document, and to see them that way as I create, even if it requires horizontal scrolling, and to print the document that way.

    I know we can choose custom size for documents, but unless I'm missing something, the only way to print is portrait mode.

    Love the program, it has helped me greatly over my short use.


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    Hi there

    Admittedly, setting landscape pages in the current version isn't overly intuitive. Unfortunately, the framework ND was originally built on didn't play nicely with this. However, there is a simple workaround that is explained in another forum post which you can access using the link below


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