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    BUG: Connecting lines are not consistently drawn

    The doted and solid lines are not consistently drawn between fretboard markers. Please see attached example. Notice that the upper connecting line on the upper fretboard is crooked, yet the lower one is straight. The upper is an exact copy of the lower one, yet, because of its mere position on the page, the shape of the line is different. If I move the upper fretboard, the line is drawn differently even with the grid and snap to geometry is disabled.

    Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next release.


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    Hi Sam

    Can you either upload or PM me the actual ND file fro your example above. I can then test across different versions


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    Hello Dean,
    It seems to have corrected itself in that particular file. I have had it happen also with other files. I will post once I came across this issue again. Thanks, Sam

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