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    Numbering frets as position markers

    Is there a way to number the frets randomly? As an example, I am putting together some common chord charts and I'm putting all the chords (and related scales) around the 2nd fret (of the diagram). But, I want to number those frets as the 2nd fret on the Neck Diagrams software as say the 5th, 7th, etc fret.

    Is this possible?


    I have attached an example of what I'm working on (at least, I tried to attach it).

    CAGED w Minor Pent .fbd

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    Hi Jim

    We have the 'At starting fret only' option but I guess that's only good if you're starting the fretboard at the 2nd fret?

    Another option is to not use a 'text box' instead. The example below shows how to number everyfret using a text box but it;s the same principle as numbering just the frets you require. Yes, it;s a bit of a hack and takes some aligning but this is something we're improving in our next major release.


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