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    How to change # to b in legend


    On some diagrams I create, flat fives are indicated in the legend as "b5". This is what I want.

    On other diagrams flat fives are indicated in the legend as "#4".

    How do I force these diagrams to use "b5" instead of "#4" in their legends?


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    Hi there

    If you double click the #4 note marker the Note Inspector will open and you'll see a drop-down menu for both Interval and Note Name. Use the Interval drop to chnage from #4 to b5 or bb6. If you check the 'apply to fretboard' box all the #4's on the fret board will update in one swoop.

    Here's a link to antoehr post on the forum that might help -

    Let us know if you have any further questions


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    Hey, Dean.

    Thank you. That works perfectly.

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