• Having problems labelling open strings in the software?
  • Want the open strings markers to display the same information as the markers on the fretboard?

It's pretty simple once you know how! Here's a fretboard with some open strings:

The key part is to select the fretboard and check the option "Draw notes/intervals on open strings" on the Board tab of the Inspector fretboard options, like this:

The open strings got filled in and now show the intervals relative to the root note. If you want to show notes instead of intervals, just change the "Note marker labels" drop down list to Notes:

Remember that the fretboard "Note marker labels" option acts as a master switch for the whole fretboard - you don't need to change the setting for each note! (but if you want to show different info on any notes then just override it individually for them)

Author of Neck Diagrams