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    Any news on this?

    H there, any news on this? Basically the new updates to ND have screwed my workflow. Now when I'm copying and pasting big diagrams from ND to word, the files are pasting in at around 8mb! Word won't...
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    Export Single Image at 300DPI into Word. Sizing

    Hi there, I've written about 25 best selling books with your diagrams!They're great! Could you answer a quick question please?

    I normally work with many grids on my page at once, these are all...
  3. All my diagrams just changed. Literally. Very weird.

    Hi, I've been using neck diagrams really happily for a while, in fact I've published a few books with it. The latest book has about 150 diagrams. I was just going back to make a correction to an...
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    Hi, It's the quality of copying and pasting into...

    Hi, It's the quality of copying and pasting into word that is the issue. I really need these to be 300DPI.

    Is there any easy way to get these images out of ND and into word at 300dpi on a PC?
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    Hi there, I'm reading this thread with great...

    Hi there, I'm reading this thread with great interest. I love your software and it is paying for itself over and over again.

    I desperately need the ability to get a 300dpi for printing off my PC...
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