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  1. Thanks for the reply. Am running 1.91. Will send...

    Thanks for the reply. Am running 1.91. Will send a PDF.
    I realized that by indicating the root, ND will fill in the scale degrees, minimizing the need for the special shapes, but it would be...
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    Diatonic Scales

    These are the classic fingerings I was taught, off of F Major, with mode definitions.
  3. Suggestions - fingerings and additional symbols

    I'm having a problem with the text below a neck diagram (see attached)

    I put the suggested fingerings below the frets and they look fine in the editor, but when they print or export to pdf they...
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    Thanks for the feedback

    Good feedback. I'll try tweaking and spacing things out a bit. Neck Diagrams is so easy to use and get a neat, clean result. I like the fact that I can copy a diagram and paste it in another doc.
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    G Major Pentatonic Scale and CAGED chords

    Attached is a PDF showing the G Major Pentatonic scale across 22 frets, along with the five positions and the chords that fit them. My goal is to create one or two reference sheets to teach practical...
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