View Full Version : Blue Guides and Object Moving Error

Erik in NJ
10-11-2013, 10:09 PM
I put five fretboards on a blank page and added about five guides near the top of the screen. I am seeing blue guides appear every now and then (a vertical one through the center of the page) which I believe are telling me when I have the fretboard in-line with the rest or centered on the page. Sometimes I cannot get it to display even if I have aligned the fretboard with another. Occaisionally I have seen a blue guide appear along the lower edge of my fretboard object--I have no idea what that represents--any ideas? I cannot seem to get the blue guide along the lower edge of an object to appear on a regular basis either.

The red and blue guide lines appear to be quite slow and kind of flicker in appearance as they are painted. Is there any way to get them to respond with less latency? One would think that the painting of the guide would be almost instantaneous.

When I move an object like a fretboard that is partially covered by another fretboard, depending where I move it to--sometimes it does not work and snaps back to its original place. I cannot get it to consistently not work, but I have seen it snap back many times.

01-07-2015, 11:29 AM
Just spotted this old post didn't get a reply - sorry about that! Better late .. ;)

When aligning with guide lines, the guide line will go red when an object is aligned with it. The blue lines provide alignment feedback directly between objects.

Inter-object blue guide lines show up to align top, vertical middle, bottom, left, horizontal middle and right. Now if you're objects/fretboards are all the same size then you'll just get the middle blue guide showing up (rather than all three) as top/bottom or left/right will of course be the same.

If you create a couple fretboards that are different sizes and move them around then you'll see all the blue alignment guides come and go as you move one fretboard around the other!

Re the "snapping back to its original place" - what is happening here is that you can't currently place one fretboard on top of another. If you try to do this - and note that the position of the mouse pointer is the determining factor here - then the moved fretboard will be reverted if the mouse button is let go over another fretboard.

You can get around this for now by grabbing an edge further away from the other fretboard so that when you let you the pointer is not over the other one. Allowing fretboards to be placed on top of each other is something we'll be adding to a future release, so this niggle will go away completely!