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  1. How to show note info on open strings
  2. How to create super high resolution 300 DPI images
  3. Creating landscape pages
  4. 'Rootless' chords
  5. Toolbox not tall enough? Scrolling not required...
  6. How to create a thicker, 'block' barre
  7. Tutorials
  8. How to move ND from one computer to another
  9. How to create fretboards using a different tuning or instrument
  10. Multiple pages to pdf
  11. Custom Diagram at ShredDead-Metal
  12. Editing Adobe Photoshop Action Scripts
  13. Align & Distribution Tool Tips
  14. Illustrating String Bends
  15. Capo bar editing is possible?
  16. Changing accidentals from # to b or vice versa
  17. How to Change Intervals Notated Below the Neck Diagram
  18. Fingering Above Fretboard
  19. How to change a note or interval enharmonic name
  20. Removing the outline / border from text boxes
  21. Macros in ND2 for entering musical symbols
  22. Controlling fretboard title or footer visibility
  23. Horizontal Texture.
  24. Lost vertical left side pages view
  25. How to show intervals at the bottom of a diagram
  26. Showing 2 enharmonics together