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  1. Numbering Scale tones
  2. Adding basic symbols
  3. Turning diagrams with a mouse click
  4. Options for default interval shapes/colors
  5. 'neck diagrams.' for linux ?
  6. Two Note Markers Per Fret
  7. Creating lines and boxes.
  8. Making Templates
  9. Capo
  10. Sound
  11. Color management tweaks
  12. Precise dimensions in Inspector
  13. Scale generator should not require root
  14. More line palette choices
  15. Title control
  16. Select special
  17. Additional fret markers
  18. Copy/paste and drag/copy notes
  19. Scale generator dup warning
  20. New style barres
  21. in addition to note names and intervals and colored dots
  22. When will there be an update to 1.9?
  23. Multiple Feature suggestions...
  24. More shapes
  25. (Quick) Tab Support
  26. ND v2: Drawing a stroke (line) around note markers
  27. Fingering suggestions
  28. Other Suggetsions
  29. Mouse Overs on the Fretboard with Tool Tips
  30. Select all C# AND F# Notes
  31. Invert Note Marker Selection
  32. Scale Generator Enhancements
  33. Can't Save "New Page (1)" etc.
  34. fonts
  35. Text on open strings
  36. Watermarking Diagrams
  37. Pickstroke Up & Down
  38. Chord Generator possible?
  39. Search Tool?
  40. Fretlight Guitar integration now possible
  41. locking color scheme when changing scale in generator.
  42. locking color scheme when changing scale in generator.
  43. Piano charts!
  44. Suggestions - fingerings and additional symbols
  45. Small request...I think
  46. Landscape page format
  47. ND could really use a basic chord library or ability to create custom libraries
  48. Vector Export
  49. Alternative barre representation
  50. left-handed orientation
  51. Single string option
  52. Keyboard Diagrams?
  53. Do Re Mi for C D E?
  54. Support Instruments with Diatonic Fretting
  55. Color coding degrees
  56. Metronome..
  57. Chord Editor
  58. Interval Map Generator (as in scale generator tool ND)
  59. Arrow symbol for scale runs
  60. to group several grids and center them on page?
  61. Copy Dots?
  62. Interval number custom labels without interval name/symbol
  63. arrow keys to move fretboards instead of between fretboards
  64. OK/Cancel in Inspector
  65. Normal sized open string dots?
  66. Four Note arpeggios: 6 and minor6 arpeggios
  67. Alternate Fretboard Diagrams
  68. Two pages visible on diagram display area
  69. Strumming Patterns and Ability to copy from sibelius to Neck Diagrams
  70. Searched but didn't find...
  71. Locking guides and fretboards
  72. Various feature requests
  73. fret spacing question
  74. Note Names at edge of fretboard selectable # or b
  75. Tab/Standard music notation
  76. Is there any way to proportion the fretboard?
  77. Customizable fret marker dots
  78. Chord diagrams in Scale Generator
  79. Easy way to generate a batch of diagrams.
  80. Open String intervals/notes Big as normal notes
  81. few requests if i may?
  82. Possible addons for new version
  83. More Feature Requests
  84. Feature Request: Displaying more than three characters per note marker.
  85. Feature Request: Add complete enharmonic note choices for scale generator.
  86. Feature Reguest: offer same note marker shapes for open string notes
  87. Ted Greene style diagrams
  88. ND2: opacity parameter
  89. Rotate text
  90. 3 or even 4 Colors per Fret Dot
  91. Colored Guitar Strings
  92. After 2 years of being a user.
  93. Misc feature requests
  94. Diagram Gallery Sort by Date
  95. Select All Fretboards in multi-page project
  96. Select all notes of a specific shape
  97. Custom Fret Markers
  98. Savig as PDF
  99. Faster Scale Generation
  100. Transposing the entire neck
  101. Opening a previously saved diagram
  102. any more thoughts on an iPad version?
  103. Horizontal wood grain
  104. Please Add Upside Down Triangle Shape
  105. Ability to lock a fretboard
  106. Alignment Features
  107. Grouping Items
  108. New paste behavior is not always ideal
  109. Several Feature Requests
  110. Any timeline for the Ouline Note feature to be fixed
  111. Fret numbering on RIGHT side
  112. Annotation improvements
  113. Alternate fingering textboxes
  114. Smarter paste logic
  115. Help creating legends
  116. List of all open diagrams
  117. Tuning view
  118. Interval map formula generation as graphic
  119. How to add Tablature
  120. Use distribute and align tools with polylines
  121. Inserting symols in text boxes.
  122. Outline Color for Notes
  123. Polygonal shapes and transparency
  124. Add an icon that is a hot link to software like Transcribe!, MP3, DAW
  125. Display Bar/Slide
  126. Remove Header/Footer Option
  127. Print Preview
  128. Diagrams for 7 and 8 string guitars
  129. Request: Add ability to apply changes to preferences to current document(s)
  130. X, O, and T symbols in the Legend Label Row
  131. Note hint before insertion
  132. Scale generator - number of frets & start fret
  133. Thank you for the new features.
  134. Makefile Like Command Line batch scripting utility
  135. Transparent Fretboard and custom font on numbers in the dots
  136. Optional parenthesis on notes
  137. Text box border
  138. Distance between the fret number and the fretboard
  139. Note name behind nut