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  1. Hi Everyone
  2. Representing Harmonics?
  3. Backing up to different hard drive
  4. Exporting Diagrams
  5. How do I customise the start/end of a fretboard?
  6. Left Handed problem.
  7. Is it possible for note marker to show both the note and interval?
  8. Fretboard Alignment
  9. Is it possible to have all the strings the same width ?
  10. Show Fr problem!
  11. interval number orientation
  12. Is it possible for note names to be displayed underneath a horizontal fretboard?
  13. Note names in legends
  14. Would Anyone Like to Earn Money Making Chord Charts for Me?
  15. Everything is invisible but the grid!
  16. Print does nothing
  17. Custom Note Label
  18. Open Diagram?
  19. Consider 'problem report' forum topic?
  20. Paste can create off-fretboard cruft
  21. Straight vs. segmented lines?
  22. custom labels based on scale intervals
  23. Caged scale positions
  24. Using PDF files
  25. Red color for a root note on an open string?
  26. Custom label and legend type
  27. Changing note colour after scale generator has been used
  28. Font Size used in notes shapes
  29. Left Handers
  30. Purchase program, run on two computers?
  31. Label roots only
  32. Another Legends related question
  33. Importing problems
  34. Multiple pages?
  35. iPad Version??
  36. Is it possible to customize number of strings?
  37. Fingering Alignment
  38. fret numbering on chord diagram
  39. imported pictures
  40. Showing measures with chord grid above?
  41. Drag export...
  42. Accidentally Deleted
  43. Hollow Note Markers
  44. Copy Paste Issues
  45. change save location, use with dropbox
  46. 7 String Tablature
  47. Flash Cards
  48. User's Guide in a PDF?
  49. New Category for Bugs, User Interface Issues, etc.?
  50. Send
  51. Do you want to clear the root note setting from the fretboard?
  52. How to change enharmonic notes in row labels or note labels?
  53. New Hard-drive, - restoring ND
  54. Note names for open strings
  55. 2 questions about note markers
  56. Marking that a string is played open
  57. ETA for version 2.0
  58. Batch converting
  59. Note names and interval names on the fretboard
  60. Diagram gallery not showing the correct diagram
  61. Quick way to transfer from 4 per page to 10
  62. Little niggle
  63. Reset Layout in Standard Neck Diagrams
  64. Gypsy Jazz Guitar-- Django Reindhardt Chord Chart Progressions
  65. Resizing the notes
  66. Exporting to Microsoft Word?
  67. Page Title / Header
  68. Safely taking my diagrams to another computer
  69. Delete Instrument?
  70. Is it possible to rename those intervals names in the diagrams?
  71. Finger Numbering
  72. First Root Interval Not Showing
  73. FDA shape system / Fretboard Roadmaps / Herb Ellis
  74. How to add text?
  75. copying and pasting to different parts of fret board
  76. Extensions
  77. PDF Exporting Not Accurate
  78. ETA ND v2
  79. Neck Diagrams 1.9 Failing to Launch after Mac OS 10.10 Upgrade (Yosemite)
  80. How do I show Root and other Open notes?
  81. String thickness
  82. Can you have an inside and outside color for the same note?
  83. ND launch prompts to download old Java SE6 Runtime
  84. How to draw shapes on a fretboard?
  85. How to view multiple pages side by side?
  86. Newby Q: Exporting native format
  87. Pro version updates....
  88. Selecting Same Notes on Multiple Fretboards?
  89. Is anyone listening?
  90. How many computers?
  91. open string roots
  92. Diagram with 22 Frets
  93. Low Resolution for Printing on all Neck Diagrams
  94. Note Names for Open Strings checked but still not working.
  95. Saving files in various locations
  96. Export Single Image at 300DPI into Word. Sizing
  97. How to change b6 to #5
  98. Tenor Banjo tuning?
  99. Any known issues with Windows 10?
  100. Launch Error
  101. Setting String Thickness
  102. Please let us specify location for user created data
  103. Marquee tool, exporting to word
  104. Sure would be cool to see a date for the next release.
  105. 9th Interval Override
  106. Labelling Open Strings
  107. Text inside the note markers too small
  108. Finding File For Backup
  109. Two note markers on the same string and fret?
  110. Rotating chord diagrams?
  111. Font Size in Fret Markers
  112. Same Size Grids
  113. a way to generate chord and scale at the same time?
  114. Custom color usage?
  115. Chord Diagrams - Fret Numbers
  116. Chord Diagram - Open String
  117. Labeling Notes
  118. Chord Diagrams - Formating
  119. Guitar Custom Tunings?
  120. How to set up Bouzouki "Greek Trichordo" blank fretboard
  121. Possible to change fret markers?
  122. Where is the Left panel ?
  123. How to change # to b in legend
  124. TrueType Fonts Not Displaying Correctly
  125. Android
  126. Changing the placement of the inlays.
  127. Using own logo on diagrams
  128. Neck Diagram with Guitar HEADSTOCK
  129. Beyond the 12th Fret
  130. How to write the notes on a neck in one time?
  131. Notes under fretboard?
  132. Changing the color of the fretboard
  133. Numbering frets as position markers
  134. Finishing touches
  135. Can documents have more than one page?
  136. Matching Open String Note Size to Fretted Notes
  137. Registering problem
  138. First New Mac In Almost A Decade . . . Now I Can't Find My Neck Diagrams Files
  139. Error in aroeggios?
  140. multiple accounts on same machine
  141. Jazz 7th Chords Diagrams
  142. Size of a Fretboard
  143. Lock items function
  144. Ability to Change to Landscape View in ND Windows
  145. Note Colors
  146. Overlay 2 Scales
  147. Saved Diagram File Location
  148. Naming intervals
  149. Increasing Font Size for Notes
  150. How to create Chord Progressions?
  151. Nd file names
  152. Can I set up diagram with re-entrant tuning with proper string thickness displayed?
  153. Problem with hollow dots and intervals in Neck Diagrams 2
  154. Understanding ND2
  155. Pro vs Publisher
  156. Printing Wrong
  157. Trouble exporting diagram with graphics added
  158. Unable to open diagrams
  159. Diagram Library Tab Removed from ND2
  160. Question on sharps/flats on scale creator.
  161. Same note called two different things
  162. How to label all altered notes as flats?
  163. Missing note on fretboard
  164. String Gauge for Mandolin Neck using Windows
  165. Open Position Notes and Intervals in Scale Generator
  166. Colour and Shape Conventions
  167. Moving a fretboard with a barre
  168. Align to Page
  169. exporting a diagram
  170. Export Diagram File Name
  171. fret board Numbers instead of notes?
  172. Header and Footer Width
  173. How can I open the diagram gallery the way we did in version 1?
  174. Intervals
  175. Enter note names in the empty strings positions
  176. Centering Text
  177. Android?
  178. Interval controls
  179. Fingering for note markers
  180. How to change label font type and size?
  181. Can I Still Dowload Version 1?
  182. Cloud Storage for Data Folders?
  183. Standard 5-String Banjo Tuning is Missing
  184. Latest Version of Neck Diagrams 2.1.1 Incompatible with Latest macOS 10.15.4
  185. Release notes for Version 2.2.1
  186. Be able to select strings
  187. How to create a diagram with note names (chromatic scale)
  188. 3 questions (note font/distribute vertically/text accidentals)
  189. Exporting diagrams with consistent proportions?
  190. Is it possible to export a diagram with a transparent fretboard?
  191. Text editor and forgotten chords insertion
  192. Naming intervals / scale steps
  193. Transparent Note Outline Colour
  194. My hard disk died and I had to reinstalled Windows - How do I restore my files?
  195. ND 2 no scroll on tools
  196. Align/Distribute buttons remain greyed out
  197. Exporting Multiple Diagrams
  198. Headers - Change default and/or change multiple headers at the same time?
  199. Don't want root color to be red - How to change?
  200. Header & Footer Problem
  201. Fingering in Style
  202. Enharmonics?
  203. Saving Neck Diagram as a graphic file
  204. Labels above a chord digaram
  205. Fretboard Numbers closer to fretboard diagram
  206. Fret Numbering
  207. Are mere fingerings without shapes possible?
  208. How to display double stops
  209. dark/night mode?
  210. Copyright Symbol
  211. Polyline intro anywhere?
  212. Redundant Interval Names Introduced With 2.2 Update - HELP PLEASE!
  213. Can we move the title in a diagram down?
  214. Resonator "slide"
  215. Can I indicate Open Strings Below the Neck?
  216. Type a flat symbol
  217. How to re-order pages
  218. Is there a way to change the distance of the Header to the Fretboard?
  219. Chord Formatting Question
  220. URL link add to a page
  221. Alternate Tuning Not Working
  222. Customizing String Thickness
  223. change the location of the marks on the board
  224. Exports are low res & look different (Pro)
  225. note names after diagram
  226. Selecting the same interval on multiple fretboards
  227. How to Change Fret Marker Numbers
  228. How do I change the defaults for the Notes Styles?
  229. PDF Printing Problem
  230. Transferring ND2 interval color themes between computers
  231. Question on Scale diagrams
  232. How to have an interval label on an open string note?
  233. Hammer-ons
  234. Simple Question from a noob
  235. Help Wanted - CAGED guitar study pages
  236. Trouble Communicating With Server - Linux Mint 20.04
  237. How to indicate position shifts/slides?
  238. replacing scale degrees with finger numbers
  239. Renaming intervals
  240. How to disable Message - want to add file's parent folder
  241. Parentheses around note dotes?
  242. Showing intervals vs notes
  243. Nut Question
  244. Scale Generator is Gone
  245. how to export entire page? Or is this a bug? only exporting one diag
  246. Trouble finding how to change note names to intervals
  247. How to add an Eb string in a new tuning in the Instrument Library?