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  1. Problem with update check in v1.8 on Windows
  2. Issue with performing copy/paste on charts
  3. copy and pasting a diagram different sizes ARRRRGGGGHHHH!
  4. Why is CAGED scale generated above the 12th fret?
  5. Guides Issues and Thoughts
  6. Property Inspector
  7. Fretboard Markers
  8. Scale Generator
  9. Blue Guides and Object Moving Error
  10. Dragging Objects
  11. Linked Pages?
  12. Phantom Increase in Fretboard Size
  13. Shifting Image On Duplicate Image Export
  14. No Images in any of the help or welcome pages
  15. 5 String Banjo Neck
  16. 5 String Banjo Neck
  17. Note dots seem smaller and intervals not alligned within them...
  18. Another one...
  19. Exporter stopped working suddenly...
  20. All my diagrams just changed. Literally. Very weird.
  21. OpenType fonts not displayed correctly
  22. Create New Diagram presets and Instrument Library disappeared
  23. Diagram numbers go out of sequence when 10 is reached.
  24. Truncated text...
  25. Problems upgrading to v1.11
  26. Printing
  27. Registration dialog box is 5750 pixels wide
  28. can't be found when going from two to one monitor
  29. Problem when adding a jpg / jpeg / pdf archive to a blank diagram
  30. a small fix
  31. Sent crash report to "support@neckdiagrams.com", haven't heard back
  32. Problem after updating to v. 1.11.3
  33. BUG: Custum color pallete not saved
  34. BUG: Connecting lines are not consistently drawn
  35. 1.12.0 has some scaling issues
  36. Inspector Window Not Appearing
  37. Misc. ND2 bugs
  38. When drawing lines they are displayed as big black boxes.
  39. Error trying to delete page
  40. Just Upgraded to ND 2
  41. Fret width and templates
  42. Aligning Titles When Multiple Diagrams Are Selected
  43. Neck Diagrams 2: same file created with macos looks bad on Windows7
  44. Custom Note Markers
  45. Scale Generator Increases Number of Frets
  46. Color palette dialogue comes up with OK button off window
  47. PNG export on custom page has grey border
  48. Problem entering custom labels
  49. Failed to backup diagrams
  50. Bug with text blocks
  51. Match Width on Diagrams
  52. Copy/Paste Notes Changes Fretboard Dimensions
  53. Reload dialog box and root note error
  54. Diagram pages defaulting to a light blue instead of white
  55. Text Box Navigations
  56. Connections sometimes go haywire
  57. Moving a text box resets its properties
  58. ND 2 - macOS Big Sur (11.0.1) NPE
  59. Standard 5-String Banjo Tuning is Still Wrong
  60. SVG export
  61. Neck Diagrams Crashing while using color palette
  62. Text boxes get cut off when exporting
  63. Note markers are not centered when adjusting font size
  64. Files Exporting in Random Order - Neck Diagrams Pro
  65. Can't Reset Fretboard Fingering Labels
  66. Diagrams Being Cut Off On Export
  67. Notes disappear when selecting diagram
  68. Scale Generator doesn't label open strings when picking root and show intervals
  69. Polyline not exporting